It’s not about what we carry, but about what you need to get the job done.

Whether that means selling you a product from a supplier, something we have manufactured to fit your needs, or coming up with new ways to make your old equipment work more efficiently, we have the expertise and experience to get you what you need to limit downtime and increase the efficiency of your mill.

Our vast experience in the forestry sector has given us the experience and knowledge to expand this same level of service to the full spectrum of resource sectors, from biomass to mines to oil and gas.

The core of our business remains in the forestry sector which means if you have a mill we have the parts required to service, repair or update it, or the facility to create a new one from scratch. But we don’t stop there. With the addition of various industrial partners, we now have the ability to serve Biomass plants, Mines, and Oil & Gas plants.

Whether it’s an OEM part or a custom made solution for a specific problem, we can help.