Planer Mill Upgrades

Wolftek is equally as committed to your continuous improvement as you are! When the time comes to fix, repair, upgrade or replace aging systems we have a solution to accommodate varying levels of necessity and budget.

Dynamic Tensioning System (DTS)

The Wolftek Dynamic Tensioning System (DTS) can be installed on any make of planer mill line and will dramatically increase production and efficiencies.

The incredibly fast and accurate system knows exactly where the roll is and how much pressure is applied. It doesn’t matter if this is a Feedtable or a planermill the system will react to challenging dry bug kill, frozen wood or thin boards to keep constant pressure to the piece and make sure it feeds all the way through the machine.


Wolftek’s Next Generation Feed Tables combine our Dynamic Tensioning System, Electric Drives System & Electric Live Sheer to provide the highest throughput for your planer.

Feedroll Electric Drives

Retrofit options for feed roll electric drives & electric side head motor conversions make mills more efficient and reduce maintenance. Our simple individual belt drive system gets rid of costly gear boxes and gives us the flexibility to run with one belt broken or off until coffee or the next break. Single belt drive systems will be down and require a belt change on shift.

Cutter Head Setworks

Wolftek Planer Head Setworks, for top and side heads, allows for precise automated calibration. Calibration can be performed locally or remotely with the HMI Sytem which also provides a detailed diagnostics read out. By using industry standard Allen-Bradley servo drives, we ensure accurate position holding and, with Wolftek’s absolute encoder feedback, head positions do not need to be re-calibrated after lock-outs or power cycling

Live Sheer

Wolftek’s Electric Live Sheer works to transfer motion from transverse to linear through your planer. By actively ensuring boards aren’t bouncing back out of position this system reduces jam ups, splintering and chipping. This board setting also reduces the lumber gap and increases speed.

Side Head Motor Conversion

With ever increasing planer mill speeds Wolftek has developed a conversion to utilize higher horsepower electric motors for sideheads.

  • More user and maintenance friendly
  • Standard available parts used – NEMA enclosed motors

Filex Multi-Function Grinder

Save time and money with this multifunctional, completely automated saw filer. Filex saw filers will sharpen heads without any supervision requirements, enabling you to assign your resources to various other tasks. Wolftek is the authorized distributor for the MK2 in western Canada and offer training and commissioning for your new equipment.

Side Head Rotary Jointers

The Wolftek Rotary Jointer is a revolution in side head jointing.

  • Safer
  • Head is not running while jointing
  • Optimizer Friendly
  • Increases knife life
  • Less Joint