Machine Shop / Repair

Wolftek is a supplier of OEM and custom parts for the resource industry.

With stocked items and catalogued parts we can supply you with the parts or repairs you need in a timely fashion to ensure your productivity remains at its pinnacle performance.


  • Newman Whitney
  • Coastal
  • Woods
  • Stetson-Ross
  • Yates
  • West Salem

Sawmill Parts:

  • Guide Bars/Straight Edges
  • CNS/Canter Line
  • Bars, Chip Breakers & Wear Plates
  • Hog Screens, Hammers, Anvils
  • Hammertips
  • Coleman Inserts
  • Spike Roll Spikes


  • Spiral Rolls
  • Pineapple Rolls
  • Barker Spike Rolls
  • Knurled Rolls
  • Clamshell Rolls
  • Chip Screen Rolls
  • Bed Rolls
  • Spline Rolls
  • Edger Rolls