To make sure our customers get the most out of our products, we offer a variety of courses designed to familiarize staff, those working with and on the equipment, with the optimal operation of the equipment.

Field Services

Our Installation and field services works very closely with the engineering department and the shops to make sure that the job or project goes as smooth as possible. We employ a wide range of expertise from Welders, fabricators, millwrights to certified planer men and automation specialists. No matter the size of the project we take the same pride In our work and making sure the customer is satisfied and will not leave until this is achieved.

Automation / Controls

As the industry has become more computerized, we have moved with it. Our automation services support our electromechanical equipment, making sure that software and hardware work together. To complement our increasingly automated equipment, we offer electrical design, PLC/HMI programming, and PLC training, along with our Dynamic Tensioning System. We also offer technical support to our customers to make sure our customers get the most out of all their equipment.


With our years of experience across a variety of industries, we offer a wealth of experience to our customers when it comes to engineering custom-made solutions. We offer custom structural, mechanical, and machine engineering as well as design. Our customers rely on our long history of diverse work to help them create the perfect answer to their engineering problems. Our engineers are constantly busy developing new products and keeping our old products up to date.

Machine Shop Services

The machine shop is at the heart of our business; it’s what has kept us at the forefront in the resource sector, ensuring customers when their mills and planers went beyond designed specs that we were there to manufacture what was needed for the increased speed. It’s what has allowed us to grow beyond the forestry sector to take on new challenges in the mining and Oil & Gas sector. With a full-service shop at our disposal, and a skilled team of journeyman machinists and tradesmen, we can ensure a fast, quality job everytime. Whether it’s a custom project, or machining a part to fit, we have the ability to create and repair an array of parts and equipment. Currently we are looking to expand our CNC capacity to better serve our customers.


With a full service shop full of talented, journeymen fabricators, fitters, and welders backed by engineers and years of experience in the industry, we maintain a one-stop shop for those in the resource sector. From mills to mines to oil and gas, we can fabricate the parts to keep your equipment running.

Planer Rebuilds

Planers have been the centre of our business from the very beginning. We have years of experience rebuilding and refining planers – if it’s on the market, we have worked on it and made it run more efficiently and with less problems.