Wolftek’s Automation & Controls Team are true innovators with solutions and support for your business

With experience and ingenuity they are an integral part of all of the OEM Equipment retrofit options Wolftek offers. Known for their after sale support the team is available to our customers around the clock – always.

Equipment & Services

The Automation & Controls Department is a key factor in much of the Wolftek OEM Equipment and Services.

  • Dynamic Tension System (DTS)
  • HMI – Human Machine Interface Software
  • Shifting Pineapple Solution
  • Smart Sweep
  • Thermal Monitoring System (TMS)
  • PLC, ControlLogix Systems
  • Electronic and Control Cabinetry
  • Tally Systems
  • Sorter Controls

Dynamic Tensioning System

  • Automatic
  • Consistent Pressure
  • Soft Touch Handles Over dry, damaged wood
  • Dramatically Reduces Break-ups
  • Allows Pull Through and/or Ribbon Feeding.

DO2 Controls

Wolftek is the Authorized Dealer and Service provider for DO2 Control – a company specializing in manufacturing advanced control panels and electrical equipment. 

Cognex Camera Systems

These Ethernet IP “Smart Cameras” can be integrated with our control systems and offer capabilities far beyond that of single photo eye sensors. With our team and this technology we can find solutions to increase efficiency and throughput providing a great value and quick ROI.

CSM Heart Beat

Acoustic monitoring is the future of Circular Sawmill maintenance and efficiency and Wolftek is the place to get it in Canada. Fellner Engineering’s CSM Heartbeat system offers:


  • Higher productivity – better efficiency, higher throughput
  • Lower saw blade wear – shorter set-up times, less sharpening work
  • Reduced saw blade costs due to optimised maintenance cycles
  • Higher product quality – less waste, higher cutting accuracy
  • Lower material consumption due to thinner saw blades
  • Processing of larger logs possible due to higher saw blades
  • Fewer complaints – higher customer satisfaction

TMS Thermal Monitoring System

Wolftek’s Thermal Monitoring System real time temperature information which visually sees the sources of heat. This information improves safety while reducing mechanical wear, maintenance and downtime.