Wolftek unites the quality customer care of the past with the technology of the future, creating a company that is willing and able to give customers the ability to work outside OEM spec.

With our full-service manufacturing facilities and highly qualified staff, we are one of the few companies ready to start with an idea and the ability to bring it to life. Whether you come in with a specific piece in mind, or simply want to find out some way to make your production faster, we’re happy to be your one-stop solution shop. We deal in making your machinery work, whether that’s regular maintenance in replacing consumables, offering quality products from a variety of OEMs, or custom machining a part or entire piece of machinery to make sure your business can focus on growing, and not simply maintaining. At our highest level of service we partner with mills: when they’re working all night, so are we. Their success is our success.

We call Prince George, B.C., and its forest sector home – western Canada and the mills out here are where Wolftek cut its teeth. We’ll always be the shop that can build, service and design a mill in house, but we haven’t stopped there. We have expanded to Edmonton, with an office there, but our reach now extends beyond Western Canada and the forestry industry. We offer solutions to mills, as well as the mining and energy sectors around the world, from Chile to New Zealand. And with an ever growing product line and movement beyond the forest sector, we expect to continue working with a global array of industries in the years to come.

If a mill isn’t working up to standards, or a mine needs a custom piece of equipment, we are the shop that will come to you to make sure your machinery is working for you.