Planer Rebuilds

From simple rebuilds to complete overhauls, Wolftek’s skill and experience can benefit your planer rebuild.

We work on site or in our shop and include your maintenance staff in the process to provide them with an even more thorough understanding of their planer.


  • Complete and thorough rebuilds of any capacity
  • Instruction and explanation
  • A great opportunity to improve your planer with Wolftek Retrofits


We unlock extra potential from old planers by restoring them back to working condition after a long life in the industry and by retrofitting our own designs onto the system. Our retrofit kits allow for easier adjustment, tension setting and clearing of blockages. By adding water-cooling, we can decrease the heat levels on your planer.

Whether you want to retrofit one of your own, or are looking for a planer of our design from the beginning, we can help. We have planers in stock that are ready to be retrofitted to your specifications to make sure you get the right planer for you right out of the gates.

Our retrofitted planers outperform brand new versions, and even come with a warranty to ease your mind.

Retrofit packages include:

  • Outside side head chip breaker retrofit
  • Top head quick release retrofit (air actuated)
  • Top head chip breaker retrofit
  • Water cooled top head chip breaker retrofit
  • Planer hydraulic positioning & tensioning
  • Top & bottom head lock retrofit (air actuated)
  • DTS (Dynamic Tensioning System) retrofit
  • Setworks retrofit
  • Electric Drive ugrades
  • Stator motor to enclosed motor replacements

Check out our products page for more details on the variety of packages we have that will increase the efficiency of your planer.