Thermal Monitoring System

Wolftek's Thermal Monitoring System is real-time temperature information, which visually sees the sources of heat

Monitoring & Integration

  • The new A500F thermal camera the temperature range is 0-650 degree Celsius
  • With as many as 10 alarm zones per camera more of your equipment is covered
  • ControlLogix integration allows the system to be monitored in real time along with full industrial interlocking for 24/7 capability



  • Maintenance can be better managed by fixing issues before they arise – reducing your downtime by eliminating troubleshooting and expediting ordered parts
  • You can actually see hot spots – monitoring known hot spots and finding new ones improves safety by indicating where more cooling is needed
  • Unlike other systems, it gives information in real-time while providing historical information aswell
  • Better set up will allow the planer to run cooler and increase production throughput